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Marketing Research: Home

This guide provides an overview on how to use the library resources for marketing research.

Uses for Marketing Research

Various methods of market research are used to find out information about market trends, customer satisfaction, and market needs. Businesses that conduct regular market analysis research can learn valuable information to respond to customer needs.

Some of the primary uses for marketing research includes the following:

  1. Identify opportunities to serve various groups of customers
  2. Examine the size of the market - how many people have the unmet need
  3. Determine the best methods to meet the unmet needs of the target markets
  4. Investigate the competition
  5. Clarify your unique value 
  6. Conclude if the product is effectively meeting the needs of the customers
  7. Conclude if your advertising and promotion strategies are effective or not

Where can I find out information about a company?

  • Company reports and profiles
  • Annual reports and market announcements
  • Journal articles
  • Newspaper articles and media
  • Websites

General Library Resources

KSU Marketing Research Quick Links

The following quick links provide access to Kent State University library guides created business related research and could prove useful for finding materials for marketing research. 

Research Databases for Marketing Research

Marketing Research Reference Desk