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Copyright: Images

Whether you are a faculty member or a student, it's good to know about the complex copyright laws in the United States to avoid plagiarism or using something illegally in the classroom.

Sites of Public Domain Images

Copyright Information regarding Images and Illustrations

Creative Commons Images and Illustrations

Free Images but Attribution Required

Creative Commons and Public Domain

CC0 - Creative Commons zero - donated to the public domain CC0: "No rights reserved"

CC PD. Creative Commons Public Domain mark. Identified as being in the Public Domain. CC PD: "No known copyright"

How to Cite Creative Commons Images

Attribution is ALWAYS REQUIRED when using works that have a Creative Commons license. 

The most common forms of attribution include the three elements, two of which are hyperlinked:

(c) Author Name  "Name of work [hyperlinked to where you found the work]"  License [hyperlinked to license]

Red umbrella against blue sky

SAMPLE ATTRIBUTION: (c) Quinn Dombrowski "Red and blueCC BY-SA 2.0