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Doing Research for Anthropology Papers

When you begin doing research, you may want to begin by developing a search strategy. 

Develop a clear research question. A good research question needs to be clear, specific, and manageable. 

Do a literature review. A literature review is a process of studying what others have written about your research question and particular topic. Use a variety of resources to locate information for your literature review. Many times students just use one resource, but one resource does not offer a comprehensive study of the topic. To learn more about literature reviews, please consult the guide below,

Choose a qualitative research methodology. The design of qualitative research is the most flexible of all the experimental techniques, so there are a number of accepted methodologies available to you. The method you select will help you decide the types of resources to use for your research..

Action Research – Action research focuses on solving an immediate problem or working with others to solve problem and address particular issues.

Ethnography – Ethnography is the study of human interaction in communities through direct participation and observation within the community you wish to study. Ethnographic research comes from the discipline of social and cultural anthropology but is now becoming more widely used.

Phenomenology – Phenomenology is the study of the subjective experiences of others. It researches the world through the eyes of another person by discovering how they interpret their experiences.

Grounded Theory – The purpose of grounded theory is to develop theory based on the data systematically collected and analyzed. It looks at specific information and derives theories and reasons for the phenomena.

Case Study Research – This method of qualitative study is an in-depth study of a specific individual or phenomena in its existing context.


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