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Academic Policies: Classroom Conduct Policy

Library guide on academic policies for teaching, learning, and research.

Preventing Disruptive Behavior in the Classroom

You may be able to mitigate behavioral situations by establishing certain norms at the beginning of the class. 

  • Use your syllabus to set classroom behavioral expectations (include links to Student Code of Conduct and Procedures and netiquette rules).
  • Outline the process of how disruptive behavior will be addressed.
  • Outline consequences of disruptive behavior.
  • Identify and address the disruptive behavior.  Do not be confused with the student’s right to express his/her differing opinions.


Geauga Campus and TAC Conduct Contact:

Mrs. Megan Krippel

Director, Enrollment Management and Student Services

PH: 440-834-3730


KSU Academic Conduct Policies and Information

Classroom Conduct and Behavior Resources

Additional Support for Helping Students