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NURS 10050: Intro to Professional Nursing: Search Tips for Databases and for Books

This guide will give you a short introduction to library resources available to you as a nursing student.

Basic Search Steps

Use the same steps in searching any research database:

1. Define your topic: often this is not obvious. You want to think through what your area of interest is and then what the specific aspect you need. The goal is to develop a topical statement, such as research on the use of pet therapy with dementia patients.

2. Choose your database: again, CINAHL will be often be your choice. Remember that there are others also.

3. Based on your topical statement, choose your search terms. Sometimes one concept may have different terms that apply.

4. Search on each concept separately and then combine using the appropriate logical operator (AND, OR)

5. Apply any needed limits (research article, last 5 years, age, etc.).

6. Review and mark useful results.

7. Output the references:  email, download, export to RefWorks.

Using Boolean Operators (AND, OR, NOT)

Video credit goes to: Lexy Spry & Emily Wixson, Chemistry Library, University of Wisconsin-Madison, 2008.

Advanced Search Tip- Try a Cited Reference Search